Poland to lead modernization of Eastern Europe’s military forces

World Review May 12, 2015. Shortly after my article on NATO's modernization problem was published, Poland began to announce projects to modernize their forces and major projects to assist their neighbors; taking the lead where NATO had not. Visegrad Four Visegrad Four is an alliance of 4 nations – Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia... Continue Reading →

NATO’s front line forces in the east need to modernize now

World Review - April 8, 2015. Since this one was published last year, Poland is dumping lots of money into modernization, and has tried to rally her neighbor in Eastern Europe to joint defense procurement projects. Below, I included the supporting facts we used for the original Have Your Say publication. Because, they're particularly horrifying.... Continue Reading →

NATO and the coming storm

The Post Cold War Era ended when Russia's 'little green men' began to deploy across Crimea, surrounding Ukrainian military bases and eventually forcing the Ukrainians to leave without a fight. Only then did a long slumbering NATO begin to stir from sleep. As fighting erupted in eastern Ukraine, NATO then sat up in bed and... Continue Reading →

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