The growing cancer within Germany

Germany has an election coming in September 2017, and voters will not have much of a choice for Chancellor. Centre-Left EU hawk Martin Schulz, or Centre-Right EU hawk Chancellor Angela Merkel. Either will maintain the same EU über alles policies. Martin Schulz in fact, is the former President of the EU Parliament. One of those... Continue Reading →

D-Day: The story behind the story

*Originally published on Hubpages, June 6 2014.* Dunkirk and the fall of France Following the lightning German advance across northern France in May 1940, the most powerful forces of the French Army and British Expeditionary Force (BEF) found themselves completely cut off in Belgium. Retreat having been ordered too late, the BEF together with accompanying... Continue Reading →

Battle of Mosul

Hillary Clinton's possible election defeat has hastened matters for the Obama administration.

Putin flexing military muscle at Ukraine

There are several major news sites reporting on Russian forces massing at several locations adjacent to the border with eastern Ukraine. There's just as many major sites not reporting on it at all. Russia has conducted such maneuvers before in the eight months since major fighting subsided. What is different this time however, is that... Continue Reading →

Tashfeen Malik was likely a terror cell leader

ISIS Abroad is a state of mind, a movement, a state of being. Connections are made at Mosques in the target nation to recruit from within it. Thereafter communications are conducted over the internet, particularly social media in seemingly benign conversations.

The West’s disconnect on Russian intrigue

‘Soviet’ Cold War espionage & intrigue was entirely ‘Russian owned & operated’.

British Sanctions Target Assad-ISIS Alliance

On March 7th, the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office announced new sanctions against individuals connected to or within the regime of Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad with specific regard to their connections with ISIS; whether buying oil for the Assad regime or other unspecified 'funding of ISIS' by the Assad regime. British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond... Continue Reading →

The bogeyman behind ISIS is Bashar al-Assad

Three stories recently ran in the Washington Free Beacon (WFB) which raise eyebrows for those who have not followed actions in Syria, but instead listened to 'cookie cut' mainstream news media narratives. A Sept. 17th article appeared in WFB about an American Democrat Congresswoman who is afraid that arming the Free Syrian Army would topple... Continue Reading →

The Russo-Ukrainian War

What's been going on in Ukraine, beyond the news reports.

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