Was unconditional surrender the right policy against the Axis?

At the January 1943 Casablanca Conference, President Franklin D. Roosevelt unilaterally declared the Allied policy of unconditional surrender, against the Axis Alliance. Though Churchill was officially on board with this policy after the conference, he had serious reservations. Churchill’s next biggest worry after Hitler, was Stalin. There were still considerations in London of Germany as... Continue Reading →

Silly Season in over-time

Presidential Transition Geopolitical Silly Season, has gone into over-time play. China has deployed a brigade of Dongfeng-41 Mobile ICBM's to the Amur River area of the Russo-Chinese border. The Russian government has made it clear, that they do not view this deployment to be a threat to them. China's Global Times explained the deployment as... Continue Reading →

The Nazis were not ‘right-wing’

One of the biggest lies taught in American public schools today, is that Germany's Nazis were 'right-wing'. They've also largely omitted from course material that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the founders of Marxist Theory, were both Germans. Nazi, was the acronym for the Nationalsozialistishe Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. (National Socialist German Workers Party). There is not... Continue Reading →

Silly Season gets bizarre

As has been covered in the news, Pres. Obama ordered a number of Russian diplomats out of the country, in retaliation for Russian hacking efforts alleged to have helped Donald Trump get elected over Hillary Clinton. There is no question that Russian intelligence services conduct cyber hacking. Every intelligence organization on earth, conducts hacking. None,... Continue Reading →

Disappointing drones and hacked Androids

RQ-11B Raven hand launched aerial mini-drones supplied to the Ukrainian military by the United States have been withdrawn from the front lines due to them being commandeered by Russian battlefield electronic warfare units. This form of signals warfare, has existed since long before aerial drones or software. The first instances occurred in the Second World... Continue Reading →

Mistral purchase gives Egypt a ‘light’ carrier battle group

World Review - January 13, 2016. Since this was published, Egypt has taken delivery of both Mistrals. Cairo is now working out with Moscow, the delivery of Ka-52K naval attack helicopters, and the Russian combat systems suites were originally to have been installed, before France suspended the delivery of the vessels to Russia over the... Continue Reading →

Black Sea attack runs by Russia are clear military aggression

World Review March 12, 2015. USS Donald Cook's combat systems suite was reportedly 'shut down' by the Russian aircraft. The Russian Su-24 aircraft was carrying an electronic warfare pod. I believe the Russians accomplished this 'shut down', by mass-dumping false aerial track data to the ship's AEGIS combat system, which then choked on that data... Continue Reading →

D-Day: The story behind the story

*Originally published on Hubpages, June 6 2014.* Dunkirk and the fall of France Following the lightning German advance across northern France in May 1940, the most powerful forces of the French Army and British Expeditionary Force (BEF) found themselves completely cut off in Belgium. Retreat having been ordered too late, the BEF together with accompanying... Continue Reading →

Clearing the fog on Putin, and Russia

*Originally posted on Hubpages March 9, 2014* This one I wrote at a time when US and European leaders were pushing the false narrative that Vladimir Putin was trying to ressurect the USSR.  The post-Cold War Era is over February 27, 2014 will go down in history as the day the post-Cold War Era effectively ended;... Continue Reading →

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