To Hell with Germany

In the wake of the state visit to the White House by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has been one news media article after another on both sides of the Atlantic, about how awkward it was for her. One feature of each article, was the supposed handshake refusal by Pres. Trump. He shook her hand when... Continue Reading →

Was unconditional surrender the right policy against the Axis?

At the January 1943 Casablanca Conference, President Franklin D. Roosevelt unilaterally declared the Allied policy of unconditional surrender, against the Axis Alliance. Though Churchill was officially on board with this policy after the conference, he had serious reservations. Churchill’s next biggest worry after Hitler, was Stalin. There were still considerations in London of Germany as... Continue Reading →

The growing cancer within Germany

Germany has an election coming in September 2017, and voters will not have much of a choice for Chancellor. Centre-Left EU hawk Martin Schulz, or Centre-Right EU hawk Chancellor Angela Merkel. Either will maintain the same EU über alles policies. Martin Schulz in fact, is the former President of the EU Parliament. One of those... Continue Reading →

The Nazis were not ‘right-wing’

One of the biggest lies taught in American public schools today, is that Germany's Nazis were 'right-wing'. They've also largely omitted from course material that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the founders of Marxist Theory, were both Germans. Nazi, was the acronym for the Nationalsozialistishe Deutsche Arbeiterpartei. (National Socialist German Workers Party). There is not... Continue Reading →

Why kill Yamamoto, but not Hitler?

One of the unprecedented events of World War II was the airborne assassination of Japanese Admiral, Isoruku Yamamoto. Visiting his forces in the Solomon Islands, his transport and fighter escort were ambushed and shot down over Bougainville Island on April 18th 1943, by US Army Air Corps P-38 Lightnings. This was not a chance encounter.... Continue Reading →

The Battle of Britain: How it was won

*Originally published in Hubpages June 23, 2014* Note: It's a long one. 😉 The Few Without question the most important factor in winning the Battle of Britain, was the pilots of RAF Fighter Command. These men endured long periods of little sleep, hurried meals, and multiple, increasingly intense aerial dogfights each day; at a time... Continue Reading →

D-Day: The story behind the story

*Originally published on Hubpages, June 6 2014.* Dunkirk and the fall of France Following the lightning German advance across northern France in May 1940, the most powerful forces of the French Army and British Expeditionary Force (BEF) found themselves completely cut off in Belgium. Retreat having been ordered too late, the BEF together with accompanying... Continue Reading →

Britain wisely opposes an EU Army

Which would achieve a long-held dream of Franco-German political elite; push American geopolitical and security influence out of Europe so that Franco-German hegemony can resurface.

NATO Tracks Large-Scale Russian Air Activity in Europe

MAIN LINK: Far more detailed than what we've been seeing in mainstream news media anywhere. This Russian air exercise was larger than originally reported and took place in the Arctic, North Sea, the Atlantic off Portugal, Black & Baltic Seas and involved many Russian aircraft. It appears to still be ongoing in fact.

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