Poland to lead modernization of Eastern Europe’s military forces

World Review May 12, 2015. Shortly after my article on NATO's modernization problem was published, Poland began to announce projects to modernize their forces and major projects to assist their neighbors; taking the lead where NATO had not. Visegrad Four Visegrad Four is an alliance of 4 nations – Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia... Continue Reading →

NATO’s front line forces in the east need to modernize now

World Review - April 8, 2015. Since this one was published last year, Poland is dumping lots of money into modernization, and has tried to rally her neighbor in Eastern Europe to joint defense procurement projects. Below, I included the supporting facts we used for the original Have Your Say publication. Because, they're particularly horrifying.... Continue Reading →

Black Sea attack runs by Russia are clear military aggression

World Review March 12, 2015. USS Donald Cook's combat systems suite was reportedly 'shut down' by the Russian aircraft. The Russian Su-24 aircraft was carrying an electronic warfare pod. I believe the Russians accomplished this 'shut down', by mass-dumping false aerial track data to the ship's AEGIS combat system, which then choked on that data... Continue Reading →

Clearing the fog on Putin, and Russia

*Originally posted on Hubpages March 9, 2014* This one I wrote at a time when US and European leaders were pushing the false narrative that Vladimir Putin was trying to ressurect the USSR.  The post-Cold War Era is over February 27, 2014 will go down in history as the day the post-Cold War Era effectively ended;... Continue Reading →

EU Is Sleepwalking to a ‘Fort Sumter’

A future EU border force intervening in similar future circumstances to the Hungarian border crisis to direct migrant traffic to Frau Merkel's welcoming arms, may instead find itself in a fire-fight with the targeted nation's military forces.

NATO Tracks Large-Scale Russian Air Activity in Europe

MAIN LINK: http://www.aco.nato.int/nato-tracks-largescale-russian-air-activity-in-europe.aspx Far more detailed than what we've been seeing in mainstream news media anywhere. This Russian air exercise was larger than originally reported and took place in the Arctic, North Sea, the Atlantic off Portugal, Black & Baltic Seas and involved many Russian aircraft. It appears to still be ongoing in fact.

The Russo-Ukrainian War

What's been going on in Ukraine, beyond the news reports.

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