**GCHQ wiretapping update**

Fox News has apparently pulled Judge Andrew Napolitano off the air. Napolitano is the original source of the claim that Britain's GCHQ wiretapped and bugged Trump Tower. Now, the question becomes was Napolitano uttering a falsehood, or did he 'drop dime', and is now reaping the consequences? Fox News is no friend of the Trump... Continue Reading →

An Act Of War

Contentions are being made that Britain's GCHQ wiretapped Trump Tower on the request of former Pres. Barack Obama. If this proves to be true, then GCHQ would only have done so with authorization by the British Government. GCHQ, (Government Communications Headquarters) is Britain's equivalent of America's National Security Agency (NSA), with the same mission of... Continue Reading →

The perfect WW II navy

As Germany learned very painfully during World War II, no super-power can be a global super-power, without a large, powerful navy. For fighting a World War II style conflict, there is only one perfect navy, the US Navy. Not only because of the advanced warships built, but also because of the fleet supply train developed... Continue Reading →

Was unconditional surrender the right policy against the Axis?

At the January 1943 Casablanca Conference, President Franklin D. Roosevelt unilaterally declared the Allied policy of unconditional surrender, against the Axis Alliance. Though Churchill was officially on board with this policy after the conference, he had serious reservations. Churchill’s next biggest worry after Hitler, was Stalin. There were still considerations in London of Germany as... Continue Reading →

UK Parliament playing with fire

When successfully escaping a dungeon, one doesn't stop in the doorway and await agreement from the dungeon master.

CEC home run & Silly Season

AEGIS BMD It seems the NIFC-CA ballistic missile defense exercise was delayed to December. The Dec 14 test was announced by the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) as a success, with the medium range ballistic missile (MRBM) target destroyed. This is the home run for the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC), system of systems. One new development... Continue Reading →

The Battle of Britain: How it was won

*Originally published in Hubpages June 23, 2014* Note: It's a long one. 😉 The Few Without question the most important factor in winning the Battle of Britain, was the pilots of RAF Fighter Command. These men endured long periods of little sleep, hurried meals, and multiple, increasingly intense aerial dogfights each day; at a time... Continue Reading →

D-Day: The story behind the story

*Originally published on Hubpages, June 6 2014.* Dunkirk and the fall of France Following the lightning German advance across northern France in May 1940, the most powerful forces of the French Army and British Expeditionary Force (BEF) found themselves completely cut off in Belgium. Retreat having been ordered too late, the BEF together with accompanying... Continue Reading →

Russia rattles Royal Navy anchor chains

In addition to the Russian ground and air forces deployed in Syria to wipe out the Free Syrian Army (FSA), now comes a naval component. A naval battle group of 10 warships from Russia's Northern Fleet are now transiting the North Sea and English Channel en route to join Black Sea based Russian warships off... Continue Reading →

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