To Hell with Germany

In the wake of the state visit to the White House by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has been one news media article after another on both sides of the Atlantic, about how awkward it was for her.

Looks like a handshake to me.

One feature of each article, was the supposed handshake refusal by Pres. Trump. He shook her hand when she arrived at the White House. How many times does he have to shake her hand in one visit?

But, this aside, let’s remember what nation we’re discussing here: Germany. Killers of six million Jews, untold millions of Slavs, Gypsies, as well as mentally and physically handicapped, and other ‘untermensch‘.

Germany, the most toxic nation-state in the history of mankind. Which once sought to make the entire planet German, and now seeks again to dominate Europe as a stepping stone on the path to world superpower status under the false banner of the EU flag; in place of the Swastika.

The latest move by Chancellor Merkel and her EU cabal, is preliminary planning for the European Union’s budding military command structure to assume full control of the nuclear arsenal of France. Britain’s was to be included, prior to the Brexit vote.

And, despite all the ‘rainbows & puppies’ talk of helping refugees, it’s as plain as the nose on one’s face the purpose behind the mass migration of Muslims into Europe fostered by Chancellor Merkel; to terrorize Europe into submission to EU (German) hegemony.

Whatever the root causes of World War II in Europe, the results of that war’s end can be laid at the feet of no participant in it, but Germany.

Europe laid waste, divided between east & west, France broken as a military power, and Britain left bankrupt. Leaving it to America, to invest $trillions in economic aid, military materials, logistics and a large American peace-time military to stand sentry against a Soviet invasion of Western Europe from 1945 to 1991.

America’s military role in Europe post 1945, should have been Germany’s responsibility. But, the people of Germany consciously elected Hitler and his Nazis, to make war against the world instead. Germany alone bears the blame for all that followed. And, has no moral justification to complain about it.

Furthermore, had the governments of Britain, Free France, and provisional governments of liberated Nazi-occupied Europe had their way in 1945, Germany would not exist at all today.

There was widespread support across Europe, from London to Moscow, for permanent dismemberment of Germany and Austria both into several weak mini-states. The United States government vetoed this idea, against the wishes of counterpart Allied governments.

Germany owes the United States an enormous debt. Not just monetary, but for it’s very existence. The mere fact that Merkel was invited to the White House at all, is more respect than she’s entitled due to this alone.

If the people and leadership of Germany feel brazen enough to complain about this fact of life, they need to be told clearly, and firmly, to go to Hell.

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