An Act Of War

Benhall Aerial View
Britain’s ‘Big Brother’.

Contentions are being made that Britain’s GCHQ wiretapped Trump Tower on the request of former Pres. Barack Obama. If this proves to be true, then GCHQ would only have done so with authorization by the British Government.

GCHQ, (Government Communications Headquarters) is Britain’s equivalent of America’s National Security Agency (NSA), with the same mission of electronic data and voice communications collection. The two agencies have unrestricted access to each others collected data.

For Britain’s government to engage in espionage against an American presidential candidate, would only be to further its interests, and/or to harm those of the United States. It is a direct, if covert, intervention in the 2016 US presidential campaign, and an Act Of War.

The interests they seek to protect, is the ongoing effort to derail Brexit. They’re currently executing a smoke & mirrors show, to placate pro-Brexit voters in Britain, while running out the clock on a true Brexit.

This was no doubt their motive, if they were wiretapping Trump Tower. They know Pres. Trump is 100% in support of a true Brexit. And, it’s entirely possible that the British Govt. proposed to the Obama Administration, that GCHQ spy on Trump Tower.

Should the contention against GCHQ be proven true, there’s not of course going to be a war between the America and Britain. At least not a military conflict.

What would need to be acknowledged and addressed by the Trump Administration however, is that Britain’s current political establishment are NOT allies of the United States, despite maintaining the pretense that they are.

Many of Britain’s political elite, Right & Left, resent America’s military/economic power, and geopolitical influence. It’s a shared resentment with their Western European counterparts; who also hail from former colonial empires, like Britain.

They collectively covet the superpower status those empires once enjoyed. They view European Union hegemony from the Atlantic to the Urals, and perhaps beyond, as a sure path to re-attain the superpower statuses the former empires enjoyed prior to 1945.

They also savor the concept of challenging the United States on the world stage both economically, and militarily.

As World War II Historian Stephen Ambrose once explained; Europe had a civil war from 1914 to 1945, with a long armistice in the middle of it. A war, in which no European power was the victor. But, instead two outsiders, the United States and the Soviet Union. Most of all, the United States.

Ambrose was correct, and this is the basis of resentment of the United States by both British and Western European political elite. A resentment which emerged only after the military threat to Western Europe evaporated with the Soviet collapse.

The aforementioned elites, concluded their was no longer a need to tolerate the influence in Europe, of America. A nation they believe, (as does former Pres. Obama), to be an ‘error’ of history, populated by people with ‘dangerous ideas’ of limiting the power of ‘Government Almighty‘.

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