Garbage in, garbage out

Marines in Afghanistan

Yet another raunchy scandal has erupted surrounding the US Military. This time concerning a Facebook group, Marines United posting nude photos of women; civilians, Marines, and members of other military branches. The group has been shut down.

This kind of thing results from a breakdown of military bearing, good order, and discipline. But, the failure cannot be blamed on unit commanders. The blame lies with we, the American people.

The military is accountable to civilian authority. For nearly thirty years, we the people have elected social progressives to national political office, who hold sway over how the military recruits, trains, and commands the troops.

Congressman, senators, and the last four presidents, made the US military a Petri dish for social experimentation. Instead of the military being a reflection of the people from which it is recruited, it’s been turned into a template of what social engineers want to mold American society into, via the soft fascism of political correctness.

Post-Reagan Administration, focus in military recruitment was shifted to actively seeking out single teenage parents, truants, felony convicts, and general trouble makers. Character assessment was labeled as sexist/racist/bigoted/homophobic and eliminated.

The effect has been that Americans with genuine military potential, largely shy away from military service. Those who do join, often leave after one enlistment upon discovering that they’re more military, than the military is.

Those who genuinely joined to serve, and/or expect the military to challenge their character, as well as their stamina, often find themselves ridiculed by their peers and sometimes by mid-level and senior command.

The American military culture and environment of today, can best be described as a junior high school, with a coed frat house/sorority in a high crime, poor neighborhood. It should come as no surprise to anyone aware of this, that the nude photography of women occurred.

It is also more likely than not, that the women on active duty who were photographed knew all about it, and had no issue with it. Until they got caught, and command authority started asking questions. In fact, in many of the photos, the women appear to be happily posing for the topless/nude shots.

As Active Duty, these women would have been subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice for willingly allowing themselves to be photographed nude, or not reporting it after discovering they had been. There is no doubt a high amount of CYA now occurring.

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