Sick is the word

Batsh*t Crazy

You’ve likely heard by now that Trump Tower was wiretapped by the Federal Government of the United States, in October 2016. Pres. Trump in his tweet which broke the story, pointed the finger directly at former Pres. Obama, describing him as ‘bad (or sick)’.

My choice would be ‘sick’, or demented, psychopathic, sociopathic, or batsh*t crazy.

Pres. Trump was not making an idle accusation. He said in the tweet, “I just found out…”. Those are key words. It likely means that someone in the FBI, finally decided to disclose this information to him, or it was haphazardly discovered.

Initially, a denial was issued by a spokes-hole for the former President. Subsequently however, Obama Administration veterans began confirming the accusation, though insisting the order was not issued by then Pres. Obama.

Clearly, no one on the ‘O-team’ was prepared for this revelation to surface.

History has a nasty tendency to repeat itself. At no time before or during the 1972 presidential election, was there a directive, or proven verbal instruction by Pres. Richard Nixon of any kind, ordering a break-in of the Democrat Party headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.

Do any of you believe for one millisecond that Tricky Dick did not give that order? Of course not. We all know he did. We all know that’s why he wiped those tapes clean.

The US Govt. wiretapping of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone was widely covered, as well as that of many other foreign politicians.

But, another little covered but, confirmed fact, is that shortly after the Republican sweep of the 2010 mid-term elections, wiretaps, and bugs were discovered to saturate Capitol Hill. Every office, conference room, elevator, lobby; every restroom and the Capital Rotunda itself.

Whether or not there is a trail leading back to Pres. Obama, nothing will be done. He’s ‘historic’, don’t ya know? If any head rolls, it will likely be FBI Director Crooked Comey; protector of Hillary.

What will eventually be exposed however, is the massive Stasi-esque domestic and foreign surveillance operation, directed in the shadows by the Obama Administration against those who opposed his policies.

All the past hubbub about mass NSA surveillance of all of your phones, texting, email, and online chats, was simply smoke & mirrors to mask actual illegal surveillance of Obama’s political enemies with power and influence to be a problem.

When targeting several thousands of people for surveillance, you simply ‘put it out’ that you’re spying on everyone; right out of ‘Hiding In Plain Sight – 101‘. With that premise dominant, no one feels specifically targeted.

The conduits for releasing gathered information on domestic subjects were of course, America’s fake news media; CNN and the like with their so-called ‘anonymous’ sources. You can bet they were all at or associated with, the White House.

Another revelation to eventually watch for, is that Edward Snowden is not who, or what he claims to be. Each time Snowden was said to have leaked anything, it was about a foreign leader or government which had run afoul of Mr. Hope & Change.

No one in the Obama Administration believed Hillary Clinton could possibly lose. They thought the ‘fix’ was in. The same ‘fix’ which ensured Bernie Sanders lost the Democrat Party nomination, whether he really lost it or not. 😉

Consequently, they failed to compartmentalized those in the know about wiretapping Trump Tower, because they didn’t think they had to.

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