The growing cancer within Germany

Germany has an election coming in September 2017, and voters will not have much of a choice for Chancellor. Centre-Left EU hawk Martin Schulz, or Centre-Right EU hawk Chancellor Angela Merkel. Either will maintain the same EU über alles policies. Martin Schulz in fact, is the former President of the EU Parliament.

One of those EU policies is the open borders migration of so-called ‘refugees’, from the Middle East and Muslim Africa. The vast majority of which are young, military age Muslim males. Across Germany, they have been committing widespread sex assaults and rapes of local German women. This has naturally generated tides of backlash by German citizenry.

PEGIDA protest, Cologne Germany.

Since the beginning of this backlash, Chancellor Merkel seems to meander back and forth between admitting inviting Muslim migration was an error, to doubling down on it. One might conclude Merkel’s flip-flops are from failing to anticipate the conduct of the migrants, or being in and out of denial about it.

More likely however, is that Merkel is merely paying lip service to calm her fellow Germans. A recent investigation by Germany’s Die Welt, has revealed that Merkel’s government intends 99% of migrants to be allowed to stay permanently in Germany. Refugee status, only allows for three years.

Openly inviting mass Muslim migration into Europe has no logical purpose, unless one seeks to erase nationalities among EU member states. Migrants have been encouraged to migrate in heavy numbers to all EU member states, by Chancellor Merkel and the European Union.

Were other EU member governments not to follow suit with the German 99% remain policy, EU courts at Berlin’s urging, would likely force them to do so, in the same pattern as has been applied to delay and perhaps derail, Brexit.

Troubles with migrants in the rest of Europe aside there is a toxic brew breeding a social ‘cancer’ inside Germany. German citizenry are justifiably incensed at the sexual ‘war’ being waged on German women by these migrants. Politicians, particularly on the German Left, vary between fear of them, and the belief it is a necessary, but endurable evil in the quest for EU über alles.

Unless a rapid policy reversal forces these migrants out of Germany in large enough numbers, this cancer will increasingly contaminate the fabric of German society and politics, as well as that of the remainder of Europe. When it inevitably metastasizes, events will become wildly dangerous and unpredictable.

This seems almost as if by design of the German government and EU apparatchiks. Both entities response to the German people has been to scold, and lecture them against being ‘racist and bigoted’, for daring to complain about their wives, sisters, mothers, daughters; being raped or molested on the streets in broad daylight by Muslim men.

If by design, then the question becomes: To what end?

To eventually employ these military age Muslim males in a manner similar to Waffen SS units of Bosnian Muslims during World War II, to subjugate Europe under the EU flag?

Or to create a new untermensch to focus hate on and foster Europe-wide factions of nationalist backlash against them and unify those factions under the EU flag?

In either case, further entrenchment of the European Super-State with Berlin as the de facto capital, is the holy grail being sought. One could go even further to the cynical, and speculate a Fourth Reich in the making.

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