Democrats face healthcare disaster in mid-term polls

World Review – March 31, 2014.

When this was originally published, Democrats had lost over 600 seats nationwide in the House, Senate, along with state legislatures and governor-ships. In 2014, and 2016, those losses have risen to over 1,500 seats. 2014’s mid-terms however, should have been the canary in the coal mine for Hillary Clinton.

THE PROSPECTS of an apocalyptic defeat of the Democratic Party in the November 2014 Congressional mid-term elections loom ever larger, primarily because of President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, known derisively as ‘Obamacare’, writes Kevin Brent

The passage by Congress in March 2010 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – the official name of ‘Obamacare’ – was fraught with partisanship throughout its hastened journey through the US House of Representatives and Senate.

Not a single member of the Republican Party voted to pass it.

During the very brief committee hearings in each house of Congress before the vote on the law by the full chamber, Republican representatives and senators were entirely shut out of any meetings, debates and briefings by the then ruling majority Democrats in each chamber of Congress. What faint opposition to Obamacare there was from within the Democrat Party was swept aside by back room deals such as the ‘Corn husker Kickback’, where the single state of Nebraska was granted an exemption on its share of Medicaid expansion called for in Obamacare at the expense of taxpayers in the rest of America.

The first electoral effect of the American public’s disdain for Obamacare was the November 2010 mid-term elections. These saw numerous Democrat Congressmen thrown out of office along with appalling losses by the party in state and local elections totaling well over 600 public offices lost – some of them decades-long Democrat strongholds – a mere two years after the sweeping victory that brought Mr Obama to power.

In the Senate, the losses were limited by the fact that Senators have six-year terms. Fewer Democrats in the Senate were up for re-election in 2010 or in 2012, and Democrats have clung to a majority there, razor-thin though it is.

The 2012 general election, a referendum on Mr Obama’s first term, should have been a landslide defeat for him comparable with the loss suffered by President Jimmy Carter in 1980 after one term. That reverse saw the American economy suffering in a comparable fashion to that caused by Obamacare today, in addition to the Iran Hostage Crisis which made the Carter Administration appear weak and impotent.

However, the 2012 result was a stalemate in Congress because the Republican Party nominated a weak presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, who crafted and pushed a state-mandated health law identical to ‘Obamacare’ as Governor of Massachusetts.

Mr Romney and the Republican Party establishment then spent the entire 2012 election campaign vying for Democrat votes while intentionally pushing away their own base, on the advice of Republican National Committee consultants led by former Bush administration chief of staff, Karl Rove.

As with 2010 however, 2014 is a mid-term election without a weak ‘milquetoast’ candidate at the top of the Republican ticket suppressing voter enthusiasm. Everyone will be voting only for their congressman or senator and not be faced with the choice of voting for a weak presidential candidate trying to be ‘Democrat-lite’, or sitting at home on election day.

An added ‘toxin’ to Democrat prospects is the implementation of the Obamacare law itself, which among other things has resulted in cancer patients losing insurance or being denied coverage along with healthy Americans, and their families being faced with astronomically high health insurance premiums, total loss of coverage and/or losing their careers due to Obamacare mandates imposed on employers driving costs through the roof.

Added to this is the utter disaster that is the Obamacare website and the equally disastrous state-level counterparts along with senseless requirements such as customers being required to purchase and pay for child health and dental coverage for children they have not yet even created; and males being required to purchase and pay for maternal and gynecological services for themselves.

On the medical provider side, there are added taxes on services, procedures and medical equipment, all of which are passed on to the customer and their insurance providers, assuming those providers will even pay for it.

Finally, of course, are the two key, now broken, promises repeated by Mr Obama himself on multiple occasions: ‘If you like your doctor, you may keep your doctor,’ and ‘If you like your medical plan, you may keep it.’

These broken promises, as well as the disaster that is Obamacare in general, have now made Mr Obama himself ‘toxic’ to Democrats seeking election or re-election, with many declining White House offers of campaign appearances, or asking that the president not show up.

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