Why the FBI re-opened the Clinton Case

The question on every politically bent American’s mind right now is; Why did FBI Director Comey suddenly reverse himself 11 days before the Presidential Election, and re-open the Clinton Investigation?

Comey’s letter to Congress insinuates that the investigation was never closed, though he admits testifying to Congress that is was closed. In parallel memo to FBI employees, Comey outlined his reasons for re-opening the case. Yep, that’s double-talk.

With the memo, Comey is obviously playing up the faked stories about FBI agents nearing open revolt over his closing the Clinton Case in July. With the letter to Congress however, he is contradicting himself, in such a way that only a slick political hack can, and not be called on it.

So, the question remains, why; and why 11 days before the election?

Possible explanations

  • A few days before Comey’s reversal, Wikileaks revealed that Virginia Governor and Clinton bag-man, Terry McAuliffe had funnelled $685,000 to the wife of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe for her election campaign in the state of Virginia. McCabe was in direct charge of the Clinton Case. It defies belief that Comey was not aware of this.
  • Wikileaks face man Julian Assange has said for months that he has information from Hilary Clinton’s emails, that would guarantee her arrest. Assange, has never thus far made a boast that did not prove true. The FBI may have been tipped off as to what that information is.
  • One gem revealed by Wikileaks, is that President Obama flat-out lied when he stated in a network news interview, that he only found out about Hillary’s private server when the public did. Pres. Obama exchanged emails with Clinton, from her private server, and he himself was using a personal account, under an alias.
  • Something in forthcoming Wikileaks dumps, will incriminate Director Comey himself.

The above, are possible explanations I’ve heard tossed about on news programs, and or read in newspaper articles.

But, something else is being overlooked. Comey’s reversal could be orchestrated CYA to excuse the landslide defeat Hillary Clinton is headed for. It’s not at all a coincidence I think, that Comey’s bombshell came out the same day that ABC News showed a 10 point drop in Hillary’s poll numbers.

Democrat Party elites have seen the cover blown on faked/fudged polling data; orchestrated by the Clinton Campaign’s John Podesta. They’ve seen how Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine can’t seem to draw flies at their rallies, while Trump’s rallies are in the tens of thousands.

It’s all spelling out a 1980/84/88 style landslide defeat for Democrats.

If you’re the Democrat Party elite, would you rather be defeated on election day based on your ideas and eight year record in governing, (particularly with Obamacare now imploding on itself)? Or be able to say you were defeated because the Democrat nominee unbeknownst to you, was a thief and a grifter?


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