Rubio knee-capped and Trump’s Reagan moment

Chris Christie's Idol

Luca Brasi – Chris Christie’s Idol

Last night’s debate in New Hampshire, was more than anyone expected. Real pressure was on as this was the first debate to precede a direct primary vote, as opposed to the Iowa ‘party meeting’ method.

Gov. John Kasich was his usual rambling self, though he looked sober for once.

Jeb Bush, succeeded in making a total ass out of himself, trying to attack Trump over eminent domain; a tool of government, not developers or real estate moguls. As Governor of Florida, you can bet Jeb used it too.

For every one time it was used for private sector interests, you can find a hundred where it was used for over-expensive government boondoggles. One need look no further than California’s failed light rail project to see that.

Ted Cruz very handily put moderator Martha Raddatz in her place on that North Korea question. Raddatz is not privy to intelligence briefings and for her to act like she knows more than the viewers or audience does, is yet another display of the arrogance generating so much hatred for news media in America.

Cruz did have two missteps which may cost him. Firstly, Cruz should not have apologized to Dr. Ben Carson for being competitive. Carson doesn’t seem to understand that politics, is not ‘bean-bag’. There’s a time to play ‘boy scout’ and times where you have to be, ‘J.R. Ewing’.

Secondly, Cruz’s answer about waterboarding was just wrong. Waterboarding causes absolutely ZERO physical or psychological damage. And if it did, who cares? It works. And, the monsters it was used on would not pause & reflect before slitting the throats of the very people whining about waterboarding.

Aside from those two issues however, Cruz had a good night. Only Trump had a better one.

Marco Rubio choked. The New Hope found himself repeating as Christ Christie said, a 25 second rehearsed speech. I will say though, that what Rubio said again, and again, and again, was spot on the money.

Pres. Obama does hate America as founded and has spent his entire tenure destroying as much of this country’s economic and military power as he can.

That said, the GOP Establishment took the wrong conclusion from Iowa. They believed Rubio was on the rise. He is not. He was simply the baby RINO that floated to shore in Iowa, after a great flood of GOP voter revolt drown the RINO herd.

If he did get any ‘bump’ from Iowa, he lost it at the hand of Gov. Chris Christie, whose only mission last night seemed to be acting channeling Luca Brasi as he verbally ‘knee-capped’ Rubio. And, he succeeded. My only question is who is the Don Corleone he did it for, Trump, Cruz, or Barbara Bush. ;-)

Donald Trump had the best night of all. He looked like the adult on a stage full of children and ‘crazy uncle’ Kasich. However, the absolute best moment for Trump, was when he called out that stacked audience for who and what they were; money donors and political hacks of the Republican Party.

The people of New Hampshire were barely represented at all in that audience. And, RNC Chairman Reince Preibus together with Karl Rove and the Bush campaign, have been stacking all the GOP debate audiences.

Trump calling foul on their booing, and then telling millions of viewers the truth as to why they were, was a reverse angle on the 1980 New Hampshire GOP debate when candidate Ronald Reagan was being talked over by a moderator who threatened to turn Reagan’s mic off, which Reagan himself had paid for.

What Trump did, was accurately called out the booing and hissing audience for the RINO political pimps and paymasters who bought and paid for Jeb Bush’s microphone, that they indeed were.

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The curse of the Iowa Caucus

Please clap.

Please clap.

You all know of course, Monday’s Iowa Caucus results. Though it may well not be over for the Democrats, since it’s now coming out that Camp Clinton pulled their usual dirty tricks.

This of course is nothing new with the Clinton’s, or any Democrat. The difference now, is that they do not own the Democrat Party like they did in the 1990’s; Pres. Obama does. And, he is not about to allow Hillary to get the nomination.

That’s the only reason we’re even hearing about the Clinton cheating, like the 6 coin tosses that all amazingly went for Hillary, ballots vanishing, with others ‘found’ in car trunks, and dumpsters.

On the GOP side, we’ve heard accusations about the Cruz campaign having ‘cheated’ to win; the campaign flyer shaming GOP Caucus voters, as well as Dr. Ben Carson and his travel plans.

What has to be understood about Iowa and it’s caucus process, is that it’s not an open primary process. The Iowa Caucus is a function of the apparatuses of political parties. District Leaders for each candidate, on Caucus night ‘lobby’ voters that show up.

There are meetings, huddles, group hugs, prayer sessions, whatever; then they ‘vote’ (if you can call it that), mostly in line with the district leader who makes the loudest speech. So, very often the ‘front-runner’ going into the Iowa Caucus ends up not being the one who wins. Trump was leading the polls going in, but Cruz won.

Cruz’s ‘ground game’ was on point. His district leaders were well-organized, and mobilized to play the Iowa ‘game’. And, they filled the vacuum left by the scattered GOP RINO herd.

Trump had a similar effort. The difference with his, is that he didn’t bring in people from out-of-state. His approach was networking with local district leaders. Iowans, who have lived in their districts all their lives.

Donald Trump won more votes than the last two GOP Iowa Caucus winners; Rick Santorum in 2012 and Mike Huckabee in 2008. Cruz, simply won a few more votes than Trump.

Marco Rubio’s share of the vote gravitated to him due to the RINO herd failing to register a pulse with Iowans. This is why we’re now seeing Rubio praised by Fox News. He is for now, ‘Luke Skywalker’.

The RINO herd went into Iowa having already lost and not knowing it. Jeb (Please clap) Bush, Gov. Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina; none of them accomplished anything but humiliating embarrassment.

Dr. Ben Carson, despite coming in fourth place, beat all the RINOs. His issue with the Cruz Campaign in putting the word out that he was dropping out of the race, is the fault of Dr. Carson’s campaign staff.

It is absolute political suicide to tell a major news network just as voters are lining up, that you’re leaving the state. And, even worse that you’re heading home rather than to the next state set to hold a vote. Getting angry with the Cruz folks for picking that CNN story up and running with it, is just silly.

Cruz’s campaign flier ‘shaming’ GOP Caucus voters, might have leaned on the rules, but it did not break any laws. Because again, Iowa caucus voters are part of the party apparatus. Not, your usual John & Jane Q. Public voters, as is found in an open vote primary, or the general election in November.

The first real test for Trump, will come in New Hampshire. An open primary state where party apparatus is not in play, beyond general campaigning. If Trump loses there, then he may have trouble. Though, Bill Clinton lost both Iowa and New Hampshire in the 1992 Democrat contest for the nomination.

Otherwise, Cruz may well fall victim to the ‘Iowa curse’. Below are previous winners of the GOP Iowa Caucus, and their eventual fates.

  • 2012 Rick Santorum – lost nomination to Mitt Romney
  • 2008 John McCain – lost election to Barack Obama
  • 2000 George W Bush – won election by Supreme Court intervention.
  • 1996 Bob Dole – lost election to Bill Clinton
  • 1988 Bob Dole – lost nomination to George H.W. Bush
  • 1980 George H.W. Bush – lost nomination to Ronald Reagan
  • 1976 Gerald Ford – lost election to Jimmy Carter

Ted Cruz may well find himself the next victim of the curse. However, if he wins New Hampshire, that gives him a head of steam heading into South Carolina.

As final food for thought, Ronald Reagan lost Iowa in 1980 by a slightly less margin than Trump lost to Cruz. Reagan went on to win the nomination, before defeating Pres. Carter in a 47 state landslide.

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Trump made the right move



This weeks decision by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump to boycott the Jan. 28th Fox News Debate, was the right move. Not just for him, but for GOP voters.

The only two decent debates out of the six that we’ve had, were the two moderated by Fox Business Network. Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo maintained class with genuine questions, pertinent to GOP voters concerns. They did not pander to Democrats, or ask questions designed to enhance their appearance as moderators.

But, we who vote GOP have had enough debates not to mention this ‘bus station’ full of candidates. Six debates were three too many. Trump has won every one of them, and aside from Sen. Cruz none of the others ever registered a pulse in the polls, before during or since the debates.

The Democrats to their rare credit, scheduled fewer debates and have no more scheduled. As it should be. The Iowa primary is upon us, and it’s time to vote, not debate.

The Jan. 28th GOP debate was in fact, not a scheduled debate. Fox News coaxed RNC Chairman Reince Priebus into adding this debate shortly before the holidays.

Cited much by Trump and his detractors of course, is Fox News Trial Lawyer, Megyn Kelly. Yes, Trial Lawyer; because that is her actual profession & expertise. She was never educated as, or strove to be a journalist.

However, a much larger problem looms with Megyn Kelly for Fox News.

All Americans know and expect that the ‘legacy’ networks, ABC/CBS/NBC/PBS together with CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, collude with political organizations to target any Republican candidate for destruction, as do major national newspapers such as the Washington Post and New York Times.

Fox News Channel built a reputation and viewership on the premise of never engaging in such activities. You know; ‘Fair & Balanced. We Report, You Decide’.

Last week, Megyn Kelly held a pre-debate strategy session with National Review writers. The very same National Review writers who that same week, Kamikaze’d themselves in a laughably failed attempt to ‘take out’ Trump.

This is not a coincidence, and I personally believe that such meetings took place before the Aug. 6th GOP debate hosted by FNC in which Kelly shed all pretense of professionalism and got visibly angry when she failed to ‘wound’ Trump.

In the mere act of meeting with National Review for the sole purpose of brainstorming to take out a candidate, Megyn Kelly crossed the line from Fox News Channel ‘journalist’, to biased political hack; and in her case, biased personally against that candidate.

Megyn Kelly, has now become a ‘toxic asset’ to Fox News Channel. Sooner or later, the ‘Kelly bubble’ at Fox is going to burst, and the ‘vat of hazmat’ that floods forth from that burst bubble could very well make Fox News Channel the ‘Lehman Bros.’ of national news media.

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David French Nails It

David French writing in National Review, absolutely nails it as to why Trump is dominating. It isn’t about Trump, it’s about the long ignored voter bloc sometimes referred to as the ‘silent majority’.

Titled; Republicans Have Overestimated the Conservatism of the Base, I think it is more accurate to say misread or misinterpreted the base.

But, this paragraph by French sums up where the GOP Elite, have totally missed the boat on their own party base.

The GOP underestimated Trump in part because it overestimated the conservatism of its own southern, rural northern, and Midwestern base. It underestimated the extent to which many of its voters hadn’t so much embraced the corporate conservatism of the Chamber of Commerce or the constitutional conservatism of the Tea Party as much as they had rejected the extremism of the increasingly shrill and politically correct Left.

That’s exactly it. Because, we in those regions of America are even less enamored with the ‘rigid right’ on some key issues than the rest of the country are. And, nothing turns up noses in these three areas faster than ‘corporate’ anything. To us, ‘corporate’ is just a cheap imitation of Big Government, and definitely in bed with it.

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Trump, Cruz, Birthers and New York Values

Now the top tier in the GOP Nomination race.

Now the top-tier in the GOP Nomination race.

One thing was clear after the Jan. 14th GOP debate; the nomination contest is now between Donald Trump & Senator Ted Cruz. Senator Marco Rubio was entertaining during the debate. But, it’s never going to translate into the ‘bump’ he needs because of three little words: ‘Gang of Eight’.

The rest of the candidates in the prime debate, and that pre-debate yawn-fest simply need to hang it up and go home. I’m not even going to address them in this piece. If anything they said mattered, they would not all be sitting at 0%-4% nationally.

The two big issues vaulting from the debate were Ted Cruz having been born in Canada, and Cruz’s remarks about ‘New York values’.

Lets take the complicated one apart first. Trump never said Cruz is not eligible to be President because he was born in Canada. He said there’s an issue about it, and there is.

Democrats can and will let slip the dogs of law. Suits will fly like ticker-tape should Cruz become the Republican nominee. One has already been filed, by a Democrat. And, Democrats will ‘shop’ courts for Democrat appointed judges to ensure these lawsuits take root like weeds.

Is this fair? Of course not. It’s not even legal. However, Democrats have never let a little thing like fairness or the law hamper their quest for national socialism. One need only look at what they did to former Republican House Majority Whip Tom Delay of Texas.

The comical twist to all of this however, is that the ground for ‘birther-ing’ Cruz was made fertile by some of his own staunchest supporters; who picked up Hillary Clinton’s dropped ‘birther’ baton in 2008. Yes, Hillary Clinton is the founding ‘birther’.

You can’t say Obama is ineligible to be President over a ‘rumor’ of where he was born; yet maintain that Cruz is eligible to be President when it’s indisputable fact that he was born in Canada.

It only flamed on since 2008, due to mass ignorance. If even one of your parents is an American citizen, it doesn’t matter if you were born in the USA, overseas, or on the Klingon home world. Conversely, if neither parent is an American citizen, being born in the USA does NOT automatically make a child an American citizen.

Now, as to Sen. Cruz’s comments on ‘New York Values’. It’s a fatal tactical blunder that may destroy his campaign before the birth question does. It’s a decades old political ‘dog whistle’ used in the South and Mid-West.

However, Cruz made the comments because he is not resonating in either region near as much as his campaign and pollsters would have you believe.

New York values are no better or worse than anywhere else in the country. People in the South and Mid-West know this, and are not going to feel anything but patronized by Cruz’s remarks. Particularly here in the South, where Trump is far more dominant politically than is being reported.

Proof of this can be found in the treacherously stupid move of having South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Kamikaze her political future by using the GOP State of the Union response to attack her own party base, then bragging she ‘took on’ Trump.

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More Informaiton About Operation Albatros

This story will probably not ever be aired by news media. As this blog post points out, all Syrian ports are and have remained under the control of forces loyal to President Bashar Assad, where this drug ship departed from. Those ports were also still under Assad’s control when ships were running weapons from Libya to Syria prior to the Benghazi attack. The Syrian Army had plenty of and better weapons than anything on those ships. So, that leaves the question of precisely who Assad was funneling those weapons to after they arrived in his ports. I’d be willing to bet it was group which name starts with an “I”.

703_joudi TCSG Umut towing M/V Joudi. Photo: Turkish Coast Guard

The ships, taking part in Operation Albatos, the seizure of the Bolivian flagged cargo ship M/V Joudi have returned to Aksaz Naval Base.

More details about the Operation Albatros has emerged.The 13600 kilogram marijuana with a street value of 250 million USD was loaded to the ship in Tartus in Syria. All ports in Syria are controlled by the Mr Assad’s regime.

On 2 January 2015 the ship was spotted by a Turkish Coast Guard plane and was tracked. In the mean time the off shore patrol vessels TCSG Yaşam and TCSG Umut left their ports and proceeded to intercept the ship. During the transit of these cutters Turkey contacted Bolivia the flag state of the ship according to United Nations Convention Against Illicit Traffic In Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Subtances, article 17. After Bolivia has granted Turkey the…

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