Fencers & frauds and a tough Turkey

Splash one Russian Su-24

Splash one Fencer

As has been all over news media world-wide today, Turkish Air Force F-16’s shot down a Russian Air Force Su-24 Fencer which violated Turkish airspace no less than 10 times.

Russian military aircraft have been violating Turkish airspace wantonly in the weeks since Putin initiated air support operations in Syria. Airspace, which also happens to be NATO airspace. Turkey had every right to take action and could have done so long before today.

Of course, Pres. Putin is expressing anger. However, Putin is likely more angry about getting caught red-handed attacking Syrian rebels who are not affiliated with ISIS.

The Syrian Civil War is one of Sunni Muslim vs Shiite(Alawite) Muslim and little to do with the ‘Arab Spring’. The causes have been fomenting and festering for many years.

However, the war has also become an international proxy conflict between Sunni Arabs & Turkey on one side, and Shiite Iran, Russia and the Obama Administration on the other. Yes, you read correctly. Despite lip service to the contrary, Pres. Obama is firmly in the Iran-Assad camp, and has been from the moment the first anti-Assad protests broke out.

The Assad family dynasty has been firmly allied to Iran since the latter’s 1979 Islamic Revolution. Syria, became and remains the logistics & arms depot for Iran’s proxy army in Lebanon, Hezbollah; whose sole mission is the annihilation of Israel.

Without an Assad running that ‘depot’, there can be no Hezbollah. It is vital to Iran, that Assad be saved. What is vital to Iran, is vital to Pres. Obama, whose various actions & inaction clearly demonstrate his desire to see Iran dominate the Middle East.

Pres. Putin’s interests in Syria are purely imperial. It is the last overseas outpost of the old Soviet Union and Russia’s only firm military presence in the Mediterranean. Anyone who buys Putin’s snake oil that he is playing Lone Ranger against ISIS, is exercising wishful thinking at best, denial at worst.

Putin intervened in Syria militarily simply because Iran, Assad & Hezbollah combined could not defeat Syrian rebels, who are not open to maintaining Russia’s naval base in Syria due to Putin’s steadfast support of Assad.

Iran does not want Russia’s influence in Syria countering theirs. Iran’s problem however, is that Putin backed Iran in the ‘Nuke Deal’, and build the Iranian reactors that generated that dilemma in the first place.

Iran is therefore handcuffed with no ability to affect anything Russia does in Syria, lest Putin recall his nuclear technicians and tell them to ‘set charges’ on their way out. Something he may do anyway, once Syria is secure.

The ‘trick card’ in Syria, is ISIS which was formed solely to establish a logistical land link between Assad-held territory in Syria, and Iran. This is why ISIS attacked EAST into Iraq first upon gaining strength instead of west against Assad’s forces; and why Iranian forces advanced partly into Iraq from the east to meet them.

Iraq’s Shiite dominated military melted before ISIS very likely on order from Shiite Iraqi officers, and ISIS has made no attempt to advance south in Iraq to reach the Persian Gulf; nor have they attacked Jordan, and STILL do not attack Assad; though they do attack Syrian rebels.

The Assad regime buys oil from ISIS and to date, not one bomb, bullet, missile, stone or even harsh language has been hurled at ISIS by Putin’s ‘Condor Legion‘ in Syria.

ISIS was formed from the merging of AQI muscle (al-Qaida in Iraq) with the minds of Islamic extremist clerics rotting in Bashar Assad’s dungeons in the Syrian Desert. Various reports indicated that these clerics were sprung from their doom by AQI, or set free with a smile by Assad’s thugs.

Whichever is true is irrelevant because AQI was formed, funded & armed by the Assad regime in Syria in 2003 in response to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

In 2013, AQI came shooting across the Iraqi border back in to Syria. At the time, the world was given the laughable story that AQI was kicked out of al-Qaida for being to brutal.

Action or inaction always speaks louder than words. AQI re-branded ISIS is supposed to be an anti-Shiite juggernaut of terror. Yet, the territory they control is predominantly Sunni inhabited and it is those Sunnis being machined gunned and beheaded by the score and their wives and daughters being made slaves of ISIS.

Shiite areas of Iraq and Alawite areas Syria have seen nary a shadow of an ISIS fighter. Pres. Assad and his ruling class in Syria are nearly to the last man, Alawite; Iran and central and southern Iraq are predominantly Shiite Muslim.

One very large ‘red flag’ which has gone limp since the Paris Massacre, is the Russian airliner downing over the Sinai, likely having been a terrorist act.

A group claiming to be ISIS-affiliated, claimed responsibility. To become ‘affiliated’ with a larger terror group, any person or cell of individuals need only call a news media outlet and declare themselves so.

However, ‘phoning in fame’ by terror groups is something out of the manuals of 1970’s & 80’s Mid-East terror groups or ‘skyjackers’ in the western hemisphere, demanding money.

Such methods are not those of ISIS. And, Vladimir Putin once had a man killed by having a fellow former KGB crony season his salad with a helping of Polonium 210; in a posh London eatery full of innocent patrons. Just some food for thought.

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The Right’s folly in yearning for Hollywood love

Katnip Everdumb will be fine, she already got all your money.

Katnip Everdumb will be fine. She already got all you ‘bitter clingers’ money.

What most Americans fail to understand about Hollywood, is that the very same insanely rich Democrats that bankroll the Obama’s and Hillary’s, (and a few moderate Republicans too), are the same faceless men that own Hollywood.

Over the last week or so, reports have surfaced of Jennifer Lawrence telling an interviewer of her disdain for Kim Davis, of Miss Lawrence’s home state of Kentucky. Davis being the lady who took going to jail over signing gay marriage licenses, in her capacity as a magistrate. Fair enough, Jennifer.

But, Katnip Everdumb as I like to call her, couldn’t stop there. She had to trash Christians, say their crosses were ‘pitchforks’; then had to add that she was, ‘raised Republican’, so she ‘saw those kind of people all the time’ growing up.

Assuming she is being truthful and that her family were not all actually registered Democrats and KKK, (I mean we are talking Democrats in Kentucky, after all); there is simply no way in hell that she would have gotten a gig doing so much as a tampon commercial by Hollywood, without openly repenting of having been Republican and ‘gotten her mind right’ with the Democrat Party Thought Police.

No man or woman, rises to the success of a Jennifer Lawrence in Hollywood, no matter how talented unless they are firmly on the Democrat Plantation, or do a damn good job of convincing the faceless men that they are.

When Hunger Games first premiered the same year, 2008 that a community organizer emerged strongly against the woman whose ‘turn it was’ to be President. The only thing that stood out about it was the news articles about Jennifer Lawrence being ‘body shamed’ because she wasn’t and still is not, another ironing board with a pretty face.

But, as time went along I began to see articles and social media discussions about how Hunger Games was representative of where our government was headed. The movie was being used to play right into that silly ‘FEMA Camp’ nonsense that started making the rounds sometime between Hurricane Katrina and the BP Oil Spill.

Lawrence managed for a very long time, to avoid making any remarks indicating whether she leaned Left or Right and so was reflexively gravitated by Hunger Games fans to a false status of ‘stealth conservative in Hollywood’.

Lawrence was never any such thing, and to be fair, she never aspired to be.

This was born however, due to the forlorn need a segment of America’s ‘Right’ have for acknowledgement by Hollywood; something that will happen only after the Democrat Party’s gloved hand around Hollywood’s neck has been removed.

The core of this segment of the Right are largely single issue voters. The kind of people who are only Republicans because they like guns, or they’re a military retiree, but barely to the right of Karl Marx on every other issue.

However, there were Christian voters who bought into the snake oil of Hunger Games being associated with ‘FEMA Camps’, that Lawrence was one of them and that she was just silently navigating the ‘mined waters’ of Hollywood to get to the top.

But, as always happens with such stars, Katnip blew them out of the water all in one short interview.

This should be a lesson for them, that they will never be welcomed by Hollywood under the current ‘management’.

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FDR “Let Me Warn You”

I came across this short clip of FDR from 1936. He was campaigning for re-election that year to his second term as President. I wish I had come across this when I was writing the last post.

Like Trump, FDR actually enjoyed making a stand-up comedy routine at the expense of his opponents. This short clip is only about his policies. But, there were other speeches where he also shredded opponents by name and brought the house down with laughter while doing so.

Like Trump, FDR came from wealth, but unlike Trump had a long history in politics, having served in the New York State Senate, as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, then as Governor of New York. He also ran for Vice President in 1920.

1936 was FDR’s 26th year in politics. 2015 is Trump’s first year. And, no two men could be more polar opposites politically. Yet, the self-assured demeanor and seeming to have to choke back a laugh at their opponents is the same.

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U.S. Politics: It’s an ‘American’ thing


Teddy Roosevelt once beat a gun toting bully senseless in a bar-fight in 1884, after the latter called him ‘4-eyes’; it did not stop him being elected President.

Since the fireworks of the Aug. 6th GOP Presidential primary debate my non-American friends & associates in Europe and Australia have written me seeming to be increasingly ‘aghast’, ‘shocked’, ‘appalled’, at the public conduct of Republican Party candidate Donald J. Trump and totally dumbfounded at his meteoric rise despite what they view to be his ‘abhorrent’ behavior.

What they’re particularly appalled at is Mr. Trump’s quick retorts and quips in response to political foes and detractors in the news media which they find disrespectful and unseemly of a man seeking the highest office in America.

These views are shared of course by ‘sacred cows’ in American news media, the moderate-elitist wing of the Republican Party and of course any Democrat politician: all of the ‘Washington Cartel’. They truly see themselves as a permanent political elite from whence all national leaders in America should be chosen and presented by the news media wing of the Cartel, as voters only choices.

But, back to my non-American pals in Europe & Australia.

It is not possible for them to ever understand Donald Trump’s rise in American popularity, because they do not understand the prime ingredient of American political culture; which is our inherent disdain for set political castes. Europeans & Australians hold such entities in high esteem, even when they despise individual members of it.

This is where my non-American pals are missing the boat. They therefore, cannot understand Americans relishing Trump’s verbal broadsides at his elitist political foes and the news media ‘snipers’ allied to them. We relish it, because he is saying to them what we do not have the access to them to say to their faces ourselves.

Donald Trump while by no means the new ‘Ronald Reagan’ is soaring in the polls due precisely to the same type of voter backlash against nascent political elitism which produced the Reagan Revolution in 1980.

Pres. Reagan may have been more eloquent but, we knew precisely who he meant over the years when he referred to ‘a little political elite, in a far distant capital’; the very same kind of elitists Trump is talking about when he refers to them with fundamental terms like; ‘lightweight’, ‘loser’, ‘idiots’.

Trump’s approach is different, at times it’s even a laugh-riot in which he seems to relish in himself. He is a New Yorker, and I have never met one who was long on verbal subtlety. But his ‘connection’ with our minds politically is the same as that which we had with Reagan.

Trump’s approach, hearkens back to an era before the dawn of television and televised debates, when American presidential candidates did not shy away from taking on their opponents personal & professional failings in public speeches, or at political rallies. Or taking those opportunities to deliver a ‘character assessment’ of news paper columnists and reporters who wrote of them or their family disparagingly. Such moments simply were not captured on film, or audio tape.

Europeans or Australians in those times who if by chance had been in attendance during such moments, would have been just as ‘aghast’, ‘shocked’, ‘appalled’, at those candidates behavior and just as dumbfounded that braggarts like Democrat Franklin Roosevelt or his older and equally braggart Republican cousin Teddy, could ever have been elected President of the United States.

Then as now, it’s an ‘American’ thing, they could never have understood. It is rooted in the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, and (following Shay’s Rebellion), even more so in the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights.

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This is precisely what I was talking about



This photo is making the rounds on veteran oriented Facebook groups. Unsurprisingly, those of us 40 and older are railing on it, while people who joined up in the Bush-Clinton-Bush-Bama Era, are all defending whomever this moron is…lol

So, you see…. what I predicted, it’s already started.

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Thanking a Veteran is communist claptrap

What I took an Oath to upon joining the Navy.

What I took an oath to upon joining the Navy.

Someone has to say it; the idea of ‘thanking a veteran for their service’ is communist claptrap. As a Desert Storm & Navy veteran, I cringe every time hear it, especially when it’s being said to me. I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1988 because I chose to do so. I am not owed any thanks, for something I wanted & chose to do and have my own pride in having done.

The premise of ‘thanking Veterans’ has it origins in the ‘people’s army’ dogma of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and Communist China. All three dictatorships viewed their military & veterans as but another entitlement group to exploit; in addition to using their guns and bayonets to insulate ‘the Party’ from the general population.

America’s current political elites are no different. They just tread more lightly in the endeavor. Hand in hand with the ‘thank a veteran’ premise, goes the phenomena of blurring the lines between military, law enforcement and emergency services. The one size fits all phrase ‘first responders’ is a product of that phenomena.

Below, is the oath I took in June of 1988:

I, state your name do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the Officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the uniform code of military justice. So help me God!

Did you see your name? Or ‘the American people’, or ‘American citizens’? No, you didn’t. Because, the oath I took is not taken to you, or the people, or any group thereof. Nor is it an oath to the President, or even to the fifty States of the Union. The Oath of Enlistment is to the Constitution of the United States and nothing and no one else.

Yet, American citizens are peppered by news media, politicians and various ‘veterans groups’ with the notion that they owe a ‘thanks’ to veterans for their service, particularly on Veterans Day.

Serving in and wearing the uniform of the Armed Forces of the United States is not ‘a service’, it is a privilege. A ‘service’ is something a prostitute provides, for a fee. Veterans are not prostitutes.

We are recruited in peacetime, or drafted in wartime from among YOU the citizens. We are a reflection of YOU, the citizenry of the United States, warts and all. There is no ‘military caste’ in our society from whence military personnel are raised to fight wars.

Our armed forces are now recruiting young Americans raised in households which (in between ego sessions of being pat on the head and told how wonderful they are and handed every material reward), they are told, ‘thank a veteran, you OWE it to them’.

Once that bunch become veterans, do you think a simple ‘thanks’ is going to suffice?

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Ben Carson & West Point: The Washington Cartel is getting desperate & sloppy

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson’s press conference addressing Politico‘s West Point slander can be viewed here.

One undeniable fact emerged out of yesterday’s failed character assassination attempt by Leftist news outlet Politico, which is that Dr. Ben Carson’s rise along with that of Mr. Donald Trump’s has made The Washington Cartel come unhinged from reality.

Looming political defeat and the panic it brings to those about to suffer it often breeds desperation & sloppiness as they scramble after any crumb or morsel of information hoping it will lead to that political ‘Hail Mary’ play to turn the tide.

That’s precisely what happened with Politico‘s fraudulent (and now re-edited) article about Dr. Ben Carson.

One does not apply to enter our military academies. One first has to be recommended for appointment to one by a Congressman, Senator, or military officer of flag rank. An application is merely the ‘red tape’ process which comes only after such recommendation has been made.

The vetting process for such a recommendation is to a degree informal, with attention being called to a person because their academic performance, leadership qualities, athletic prowess, personal conduct & self-discipline, service to the public and patriotism all drew the notice of superiors.

Is it a perfect system? Of course not. Any Veteran of the armed forces like myself can attest that there’s a ‘Major Frank Burns’ in nearly ever unit and they’re occasionally Academy graduates, (though more often than not, they’re Officer Candidate School Grads).

ROTC, (Reserve Officer Training Corps) serves both as an early path to a military career for young Americans AND as a way for our military services to identify the ‘best of the best’ who they believe would make outstanding military leaders.

ROTC does not obligate any member of it to a military career of any kind even though it is a taxpayer-funded program. Many of the best ROTC members have like Dr. Carson, declined the shot at a military career and gone on to be extremely successful doctors, lawyers, engineers, captains of industry or corporate officers.

Young Ben Carson had excelled in his ROTC performance to so stellar a level, that he became the ROTC executive officer for the entire Detroit city school system. Such excellence demanded attention. It would have been scandalous had he not received it.

This is why he was invited to military functions; to be introduced to those with the power to recommend him for an appointment to West Point. This was the informal stage of the process; the meet and greet, handshakes, a form of interview process that still goes on today.

There is a moral & character assessment to be made. As the political career of Pres. Bill Clinton proves, one can have inherent charisma and leadership qualities, yet still be totally bereft of character and/or morally bankrupt.

Young Ben Carson simply chose not to pursue the offers of recommendation. At no time, nor in his book has Dr. Carson ever stated otherwise, as was claimed by the Politico article.

Politico simply made it up, basing hope in their lie ‘sticking’ on most Americans basic ignorance about the process by which one makes it into military academies. What they never counted on, was Dr. Carson not lying down for their slander as most Republicans normally do.

The push to run the slanderous Politico article most likely came directly from the GOP Beltway Gang of The Washington Cartel. Politico is the former’s favorite for dumping ‘leaked’ information from ‘anonymous’ sources on issues they’re ‘messaging’ about. It also can’t be excluded, that Karl Rove had a hand in crafting the story. His expertise is in killing off Republican political campaigns.

Their motivation would not be to enable Donald Trump. But, to enable the other GOP candidates clinging on for dear life in the polls. If so, the GOP elitists have a very mistaken belief that Carson’s support would trickle down to their hand-picked ‘flunkies’. And it would underline once again, how totally out of touch they are with their own Party base.

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