Primary, Caucus and delegates

Smoke-filled room political deal making.

Smoke-filled room political deal making.

Many of you may be aware at least from news media of the controversy swirling around the Republican presidential nomination delegate allocations between GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz and frontrunner Donald Trump.

The news media has not been very good, as usual, at explaining why this is a controversy, nor at how unprecedented are the actions of Sen. Cruz.

I’m going to try to explain both. I’ll start by making it clear that nothing Sen. Cruz is doing is illegal. Nor, does it violate Republican Party rules. It is however, underhanded; ‘dirty’ if you like.

That said, the ground was made fertile for this chicanery by both the Republican and Democrat parties decades ago embracing the silly notion of open vote primaries, where a popular vote is falsely purported to be the only method of choosing a candidate in states that hold such a vote. Voters do not actually have the final say in those states, and never have.

The party apparatus in those ‘primary’ states can at will, nullify the popular vote for the party nominee for President, or any other national office. That is precisely what the Colorado GOP did when they ‘unbound’ the state GOP delegates to the popular vote straw poll in that state.

This left the field open for Sen. Cruz to come in and through what he brags to be his ‘ace ground game’, wheel & deal to secure the GOP selection of delegates who would vote at the convention for him and him alone.

There simply was no popular vote in Colorado by registered Republicans. It was entirely a caucus vote, which consists only of loyal, dues paying and hand-picked Republican Party stalwarts. All of whom are carefully selected by the GOP Elite to vote blindly for who they’re told to by the party.

But, then Sen. Cruz got even lower in the gutter, implementing his ‘ace ground game’ to reallocate delegates loyal to him in states that Mr. Trump had already handily won by popular primary vote. Trump delegates in Georgia found themselves tossed out as such and replaced by Cruz supporting delegates so brazen as to wear a ‘Cruz 2016’ t-shirt into the convention hall.

Again, this is legal and it is within GOP nomination guideline rules. Because, the party still selects state delegates and voters have only the ‘honor system’ to rely on that those delegates will represent the popular vote percentage won per candidate.

However, it is unprecedented in that it has never been used by a clearly defeated candidate, to undermine and nullify the clear frontrunner’s already won electoral victories.

Compounding this even further, is the common knowledge among regular GOP voters, that delegates are not just ‘talked into’ doing such a thing as Sen. Cruz has them doing; switching their pledges or manipulating state conventions to shove aside Trump delegates. These delegates are being promised something, they’re being ‘bought’.

Not with money are they being bought, because Sen. Cruz nor his campaign has that kind of money, and if he did have that much to sling around he’d have been caught and probably up on Federal charges by now.

Just ask Sen. Rand Paul’s former campaign manager about that. But, you’ll have to arrange a visit to the penitentiary he’s in to do it.

No, the ‘buying’ of these delegates by Sen. Cruz is more likely political promises; promises to push certain legislation if he is elected, or offers of government positions in his administration, or pushing for federal funding of pet projects in each state of these delegates.

It’s also very probable that some of these same delegates are Trojan horses, pledging support to Cruz with the wink of the RINO establishment and who have no intention of voting for Cruz. But, instead to deny  Trump the magic 1237 he needs to secure the nomination on the first floor vote, and then switch their vote to whatever ‘white knight’ RINO is parachuted in by Carl Rove; Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush….. are all possibilities, as is John Kasich.

Such shenanigans have gone on before in both parties and will happen again one day. Many have forgotten that the Democrat Party in 2008, nullified the party primary vote of both Florida and Michigan to strip Hillary Clinton of those victories and fudge the popular vote tally and delegates in favor of then Sen. Obama. Once those numbers were ‘cooked’, the Democrat Super Delegates all ‘flipped’ from Mrs. Clinton, to Mr. Obama.

Thankfully, the Republican Party does not have super delegates.

But, let’s get back to the root of the problem, popular vote primaries. It’s a bad idea. It encourages the same kind of ‘mob rule’ that brought down Ancient Greece. And, it allows the political ‘bosses’ to shed liability for selecting born losers they can push around without running for office themselves, by pointing at the ‘people’s vote’ and saying, YOU PICKED’EM!!

Political parties in traditional American politics are and should be responsible for nominating candidates by, for, of and within the party to present to the people for the only popular vote that counts, Election Day. It forces them to recognize and present real leaders the people will vote for, or lose an election or a few until they get it right.

That method of nominee selection gave us Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and his cousin FDR, Harry Truman, Ike and JFK. Since popular vote primaries became all the rage, the only bright spot has been Ronald Reagan.

Popular vote primaries enable the selection of candidates who simply look good, sound good, or have a sharp crease in their pants leg. But, are often cowardly and easily led by the nose by people whose faces we never see or conversely, narcissistic types who believe they can lower oceans.

That having been said however, the rules cannot be changed mid-game by one contender, simply because he/she lost. The nominating process is what it is, the time to have changed it was the year before the election, such as my state did prior to the 2013 gubernatorial election.

Donald Trump adapted himself to this flawed process and did not need a multi-billion dollar team of unelected political consultants to tell him how, at the price of their becoming his puppet masters. He and Reagan are the only two Republicans so far to have done this successfully. Because it takes a special kind of charisma to win party primaries, without the high-priced consultants community organizing or throwing money from helicopters.

Senator Cruz failed to stand out in that process. And, as a result lost blocs of states including the entire South where he literally offended voters with his clichéd ‘Southern preacher’ act.

He is now trying to mitigate having shot himself in the foot by shoving aside the will of the voters who rejected him. It may be perfectly legal, it may be within party nomination rules. But, it is the mark of a sore loser and that’s precisely how Cruz is now coming to be viewed.

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Lest We Forget: TCG Dumlupınar

On 4 April 1953, in the wee hours of the morning two Turkish submarines  TCG Dumlupınar and her sister boat TCG 1. İnönü,entered from the Aegean into the Dardanelles Strait, as the returning from the NATO naval exercise Blue Sea.

The Commodore of First Submarine Squadron was in command of the two submarines and he was on board of TCG Dumlupınar. When the submarine reached the Cape Nara, the narrowest point of the Strait the Swedish flagged cargo ship M/V Naboland collided with the submarine. The accident happened at 02:15 in the morning.

M/V Naboland rammed TCG Dumlupınar from starboard forecastle just aft of the forward diving planes. The submarine rolled to port with force of the impact and sunk immediately. 5 submariners who were in the sail at the time of the collision survived. Rest of the crew, 81 men, were trapped inside her hull. She sunk at the narrowest point of Dardanelles at 85…

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Romania Is Set To Modernize Its Frigates

They were sold to Romania in 2003, with guns and torpedoes only, no missile weaponry. This was born of the same Neville Chamberlain-style buffoonery that made redeploying NATO to Eastern Europe as new members were added, a non-option.

Romanian frigate F-221 Regele Ferdinand on her way to home. Photo: Kerim Bozkurt. Used with permission. Romanian frigate F-221 Regele Ferdinand on her way to home. A 2012 photo by Kerim Bozkurt.

Romania has officially started the modernization process of her 2 Type-22 frigates on 16 March 2016.

Like Bulgaria, Romania too needed modern, up to date and NATO compatible warships when both countries joined NATO. While Bulgaria opted to buy second hand frigates and mine hunter from Belgium, Romania bought two Type-22 frigates from Great Britain in 2003.

The frigates ROS Regina Maria (ex London) and ROS Regele Ferdinand (ex Coventry) were overhauled in UK before their delivery to Romania. They were transferred armed with only guns and torpedoes The frigates lack long-range offensive weapons and adequate air defence systems. The new contract will allow this deficiencies to be fixed. The vaule of the contract is estimared by Romanian MoD at 839 million Lei, without VAT  aproximatel Euro 190 million.

According to the published information…

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World Review | Multipolarity is the natural tendency of geopolitics

My latest article for World Review.

IT IS undeniable that Russian geostrategic mischief is resurgent. Russian military, diplomatic and economic maneuvering, along with open military provocations toward NATO, all demonstrate this

Source: World Review | Multipolarity is the natural tendency of geopolitics

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JFK Annoyed



Below, are two links to White House tape audio from the Kennedy Administration, July 25 1963. They are phone conversations regarding the purchase of furniture for First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s maternity suite. Pres. Kennedy was not happy about U.S. Air Force funds being used for it, nor about the press coverage of it that resulted.

Something to think about whenever you here someone say that Donald Trump, would be a bull in a china shop as President.:-)

“Silly bastard next to the bed.”

“Send his ass to Alaska too”.

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Point proven

If you read my previous post, ‘Enemies foreign and domestic‘, I stand vindicated.😉 One of the locales for this fascist freak show, is London.

Crush Trump goes global

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Enemies foreign and domestic

The scourge of the world-wide Left.

The scourge of the world-wide Left.

The rise of Donald J. Trump in American politics represents the turning points of many things. Among them, the end of ‘conventional wisdom’ of paid political pundits and self-appointed know-it-all cable television ‘talking heads’ pushing the ridiculous notion that a candidate had to have a team of beady-eyed nerds, calling themselves ‘consultants’ and flushing away millions of dollars on focus groups and polls to tell the candidate what his/her core beliefs were.

Donald Trump has not one single consultant on his campaign staff. And, he’s run circles around the entire GOP ‘nerd farm’ led by Karl Rove. Every plan Rove laid for 2016 to ‘re-gift’ the White House to the Clinton or Bush camps, has collapsed to dust.

Trump’s rise, his populist appeal, the flavor of his campaign, the tone of his rhetoric, the fact that personal attacks on him along with paid street thugs disrupting his rally only generated more votes for him, has all served to smoke out the snakes in the grass and the hyenas in the brush who are Left of center of the political spectrum. And, that includes stealth Leftists within the Republican Party, more commonly known as ‘RINOs’ (Republicans In Name Only).

RINOs together with the Democrat Party and their respective propagandists in our so-called news media, honestly believed they finally had defeated American Individualism. They thought they had replaced that concept with group politics and social structure. You hear this referred to as, ‘the black/white/male/women’s/minority/young/senior/Hispanic’ voting blocs. Sound like fascism? That’s because it is.

Their fascist dreams have been shattered by Trump’s rise and electoral success. They thought they had gotten all your minds right, and that Republican voters would vote for whomever was shoved in their face as the GOP Nominee by Fox News; first Jeb Bush and after his fall, Marco Rubio. Even now, they can’t accept that they were so totally wrong.

But, these domestic ideological enemies of America have their foreign counterparts.

Non-Americans around the world, particularly Western European political elites, thought America was finally finished. They grinned when America-hater extraordinaire Barack Obama was elected President.

They beamed with delight, all their teeth showing, when Obamacare became law. Because, ‘socialized medicine’ is the ‘boot on the neck’ they use to keep their own people subservient.

These foreign ideological enemies all thought Americans lives would become as empty, hopeless and subservient as the lives of people in their countries. Donald J. Trump, or more specifically the ‘insolent’ Americans voting for him, has shattered that fantasy.

These foreign enemies, Leftists all, don’t seek to collapse the United States, or blow it up, or conquer it and rule over it. They like all Leftists, seek to equally spread the misery of socialism to it. So, that their people don’t witness American Individualism, and perhaps be inspired to wiggle out from under the boot on their neck and knock those wearing it, flat on their ass.

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