**GCHQ wiretapping update**

Fox News has apparently pulled Judge Andrew Napolitano off the air. Napolitano is the original source of the claim that Britain's GCHQ wiretapped and bugged Trump Tower. Now, the question becomes was Napolitano uttering a falsehood, or did he 'drop dime', and is now reaping the consequences? Fox News is no friend of the Trump... Continue Reading →

To Hell with Germany

In the wake of the state visit to the White House by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has been one news media article after another on both sides of the Atlantic, about how awkward it was for her. One feature of each article, was the supposed handshake refusal by Pres. Trump. He shook her hand when... Continue Reading →

An Act Of War

Contentions are being made that Britain's GCHQ wiretapped Trump Tower on the request of former Pres. Barack Obama. If this proves to be true, then GCHQ would only have done so with authorization by the British Government. GCHQ, (Government Communications Headquarters) is Britain's equivalent of America's National Security Agency (NSA), with the same mission of... Continue Reading →

Garbage in, garbage out

Yet another raunchy scandal has erupted surrounding the US Military. This time concerning a Facebook group, Marines United posting nude photos of women; civilians, Marines, and members of other military branches. The group has been shut down. This kind of thing results from a breakdown of military bearing, good order, and discipline. But, the failure... Continue Reading →

Sick is the word

You've likely heard by now that Trump Tower was wiretapped by the Federal Government of the United States, in October 2016. Pres. Trump in his tweet which broke the story, pointed the finger directly at former Pres. Obama, describing him as 'bad (or sick)'. My choice would be 'sick', or demented, psychopathic, sociopathic, or batsh*t... Continue Reading →

The truth shall set you free

Breitbart News Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos resigned from his position today, due to controversial comments he made which were twisted into espousing support for gay pedophilia. Milo is openly gay. What's made him an enemy of the American and British Left, is that he is a gay man who is also a conservative. This is... Continue Reading →

The perfect WW II navy

As Germany learned very painfully during World War II, no super-power can be a global super-power, without a large, powerful navy. For fighting a World War II style conflict, there is only one perfect navy, the US Navy. Not only because of the advanced warships built, but also because of the fleet supply train developed... Continue Reading →

The perfect WW II army

If one had to fight a World War II style conflict on land, the army would have to be capable of solid defense of territory, but also capable of advancing across vast tracts of land, doing so quickly, and as far as possible into the 'belly' of the enemy. Infantry Without infantry, there is no... Continue Reading →

The perfect WW II air force

If one had to fight a conflict World War II style, with World War II weaponry, they'd want the best the 1939-45 Era had to offer. Much of the war's early weaponry was outclassed entirely when it ended. So, a lot will be left out of this and the following posts. For this first post,... Continue Reading →

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