What Happened to the Battleships of Pearl Harbor

Bit of a long one, but needed to be.

Main Link: http://jkbrent.hubpages.com/hub/What-Happened-to-the-Battleships-of-Pearl-Harbor

United States naval designers, together with industry took six aging battleships due for retirement and in a couple of cases having been destroyed and not only extended their service, but virtually re-built them into new and more powerful warships well able to hold their own against most foreign contemporaries of the 1940’s in every aspect with the sole exception of high speed.

After Pear Harbor, rebuilt and muscled up.

After Pearl Harbor, rebuilt and muscled up.

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Russian Aerospace Forces Merger

Russian fighter formation 2012

Russian fighter formation 2012

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Aug. 1st signed an order merging Russia’s air, space, and anti-air/anti-missile forces into one ‘Aerospace Force’.

However, there is nothing new or redefining about this development. It is another step in Pres. Putin’s continued endeavor to completely shed ‘Soviet thinking’ from Russia’s military, which held that forces created and maintained for specific strategic missions, should be military service branches unto themselves.

The Soviets therefore had the Soviet Army tasked with direct combat against foreign powers; territorial ground forces to maintain a boot on the neck of local populations within their command zones; and under KGB control, an army to man & monitor borders with other nations as well as internal borders between Soviet republics.

Precisely the same doctrine was applied with Soviet military aviation and naval forces. The Soviet idea of a ‘coast guard’, was coastal vessels placed under the command structure of the KGB border troops.

Soviet military aviation also was broken down into four independent service branches; The Air Force, Air Defense & Anti-Missile Force, Military Space Force, and Strategic Rocket Force.

The Air Force contained all combat aircraft that either supported the Soviet Army on the battlefield, (Frontal Aviation) or performed strikes against foreign enemy homelands, (Strategic Aviation). Frontal Aviation contained all tactical strike aircraft. Strategic Aviation contained large bombers, aerial refueling tankers and Soviet ‘AWACS’ aircraft.

The Air Defense & Anti-Missile Force commanded all major Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) sites in the Soviet Union and had its own air force composed of pure air-to-air combat aircraft like the Mig-31. Such aircraft had no ground support attack roles and none of their pilots were trained to execute such maneuvers.

Military Space Force had command of all Soviet space weaponry whether purpose-built anti-satellite missiles, or decommissioned orbiting satellites to be used as a makeshift weapon.

Strategic Rocket Force commanded all Soviet ballistic missiles large and small.

To the non-military mind this kind of force structure might seem to make sense. But, it was in fact chaotic, and led directly to the over-bloated cadre of Soviet generals and their being adorned with a ‘Christmas tree’ of ribbons and medals on their chests.

It also had the effect of creating administrative chaos, rampant cronyism and often bitter rivalries in competition for manpower and funding from the overall Soviet military budget. Particularly between those services with similar missions and armaments, such as between the Air Defense/Anti-Missile Force and Air Force.

This chaos however, did serve a purpose for the Communist Party and the Kremlin, in that no service branch or any of its generals or service chiefs could amass enough combat power or political prestige to overthrow the government.

Putin has simply brought the post-Soviet Era Russian air forces into modern times, merging the functions and assets of military air power & defense into one bona fide air force. With the sole exception of the Strategic Rocket Force (SRF) which remains a separate service branch.

This is because a large portion of Russia’s long & medium range ballistic missiles are not permanently deployed in in-ground missile silos, but are mobile launch based systems requiring specialized vehicles, personnel and logistics, including an extensive railway system in the hinterlands of Siberia to move ICBMs around.

It is possible that Pres. Putin will break up the SRF or that it is already being planned and divide its functions and assets up between the Army & Aerospace Force’s according to functional compatibility.

If so, the delay may be budgetary reorganization, and/or the simple fact that among Russian generals and admirals both, any and all rockets and missiles are viewed as a form of artillery. Technically they are correct in that view. But, there may be a rivalry taking place between the Army and new Aerospace Force over who will get the ballistic missiles.

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The Slaying of Hillary Rodham Clinton

194218_5_Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was not ever going to be President of the United States and she was never going to be the Democrat nominee in 2008 and won’t be in 2016. There, someone needed to say it. Now, I have.

Yes, Mrs. Clinton lies. In fact, she has told some major ‘whoppers’; such as claiming to have been named after Sir Edmund Hillary, though she was born when Mt. Everest was but a gleam in Sir Edmund’s eye.

Or her Brian Williams style lie about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia and her plane having to cork-screw dive as if piloted by Han Solo to get her safely to ground.

However, it isn’t just that Mrs. Clinton lies. Every Democrat in America lies like a rug with every waking moment. One Democrat actually claimed to have lied to his diary.

Bill Clinton can look a person straight in the eye and tell them the sky is not actually blue, and the person would be tempted to look up.

Pres. Obama is also an extremely skilled liar. And, has the added touch of using a Steve Urkel-esque; “Did I dooo thaaat?” disposition whenever he has to dodge a really hard truth. Such as claiming he didn’t know he was emailing Mrs. Clinton at her private email account until he read it in the newspaper.

However, the main reason Mrs. Clinton will not ever be President and was never going to be can be summed up in a number, 43%.

43% is the tally of the popular vote President Bill Clinton won in the 1992 Presidential race for his first term and he is considered a rock star compared to Mrs. Clinton.

57% of Americans in 1992 voted NO to the Clinton’s and this was long before Monica-gate and the Impeachment hearings.

Al Gore won 48% of the vote in 2000 to George W. Bush’s 47% and Gore still could not be President.

The Clinton’s did not win in 1992 or even in 1996. They were the turds that floated to the top in a 3-way race where Ross Perot split the opposition vote between himself and a RINO in both elections.

But, that trick was used up after 1996 and could not be accomplished a third time. That is why Al Gore lost in 2000 and John Kerry never had a snowball’s chance in hell in 2004; despite the GOP having a pro-Amnesty RINO like George W. Bush at the top of the ticket both election years.

None of this was lost on the Democrat Party elite and they correctly came to the conclusion even before 2004 that the Clinton’s would have to be replaced with someone new and fresh who didn’t need a ‘Ross Perot’ to act as a political Mulligan.

That year’s Democrat Party Convention saw a rousing oratory by an articulate young black Democrat named Barack Hussein Obama.

From 2004 onward it was believed by every Republican in America that Mrs. Clinton was invincible for 2008. That it was ‘her turn’.

The Republican Party Establishment essentially threw in the towel, Senator John McCain became the nominee and then spent the entire campaign season making concession speeches when he wasn’t busy lecturing America about the need to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

However, Democrat campaign strategists remembered 1992 & 1996 and knew that even running a weak candidate like McCain, Mrs. Clinton could not win a traditional two-horse presidential race.

It was for that reason that Mrs. Clinton was thrown under the Hope & Change bus in favor of Obama. Whether or not Obama could win a general election, it was even more vital that Mrs. Clinton be defeated and dispatched.

But, Mrs. Clinton was not defeated in the 2008 Democrat Primaries. She won slightly more Party delegates than Obama, assuring a floor fight at the Democrat Convention in 2008.

To avoid that and dispense with Mrs. Clinton, Democrat Super-Delegates voted to nullify and toss out the Florida State Democrat Primary results entirely, ensuring Obama would be the nominee without a floor fight.

Mrs. Clinton was forced out and given the office of Secretary of State as a consolation prize. No matter how you slice it, she was dispatched if not defeated outright in 2008. And, Democrats dispatched by their own ranks, never come back. Because, they’re never allowed to.

Mrs. Clinton’s email scandal is but the latest cut of thousands being implemented against her to that end. The cuts and bleeding will stop only when she drops out of the running or is taken out, whichever comes first.

Unless and until then, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

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Poland to lead modernization of Eastern Europe’s military

US & Polish soldiers - Patriot Air Defense Training. Courtesy - World Review

US & Polish soldiers – Patriot Air Defense Training. Courtesy – World Review

Just a few days after my last World Review article on how NATO needed to modernize Eastern European military forces, Poland announced plans to do precisely that. World Review and I decided a follow-up article was needed.

This should have been a NATO led effort, but there is much Poland can do right now. And, time is not a premium at the moment.

MAIN LINK: http://www.worldreview.info/content/poland-lead-modernisation-eastern-europes-military#2188

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Why Nato’s front line forces in the east need to modernise now

So far, Poland is the only former Warsaw Pact member of NATO in Eastern Europe on a ‘mission’ to muscle up their military forces. They have a long way to go, but their off to a good start with ex-USAF F-16 Falcons, ex-USN Perry Class guided missile frigates (FFG) and though historically ironic, German Leopard II-A4 main battle tanks.

The rest of the former Warsaw Pact NATO nations have militaries in a sorry state. The three Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania do not have a single tank, warplane, or warship between them as Russian warplanes & warships stalk their coasts & airspace and modern Russian tanks stage and exercise opposite their borders in large numbers.

MAIN LINK: http://www.worldreview.info/content/why-natos-front-line-forces-east-need-modernise-now

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Counterpart blog

With the 2016 elections already becoming news, I decided to start a counterpart blog just for American politics. This blog will remain strictly for world and military affairs. Below is a link to the first article in the new blog. After this post, all new articles in that blog will only be posted there.

If you wish to follow that one also, please do. Or if you prefer to only follow this one, that’s okay too. Politics isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For those who do follow the new blog, you may be surprised at what you read as American politics is not quite what main stream news or entertainment media narratives paint it to be on either side of the political fence; particularly on the American Right.

MAIN LINK: https://kevinbrent.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/obamas-gop-trojan-horse-launched/

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18 March 1915: Çanakkale Is Impassable

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P1140880 The battlefield of the naval battle on 18 March 1915

P1140886 Fort Hamidiye under enemy fire during the battle on 18 March 1915

P1140882 A 381mm dud shell from dreadnought HMS Queen Elisabeth

P1140885 Fort Çimenlik in Çanakkale after the enemy bombardment

100 years ago the idyllic town Çanakkale was the center of a very fierce and bloody fighting. This fighting shaped the directly the future of Turkey, accelerate the end of the Romanov dynasty and created an unique Australian identity  following the war.

On 18 March 1915 when the Allied Armada made up of 18 battleships and numerous of cruisers and destroyers tried to forced her way up the Dardanelles. Their destination was Istanbul, the capital of Ottoman Empire.

Everything seem to be on the side of the Allied naval forces until at around 14.0, when a small cloud of yellowish smoke, which turned black afterwards, came out of the starboard quarter of the…

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Black Sea ‘attack runs’ by Russia are clear military aggression

SU-30There is a clear pattern of military provocation – outright ‘sabre rattling’ the likes of which have not been seen on such a sustained basis since 1945.

MAIN LINK: http://www.worldreview.info/content/black-sea-attack-runs-russia-are-clear-military-aggression

Wrote this one for World Review. It came out this morning.

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